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Hope - Paul McClelland


Click on the video below to view this weeks message Paul McClelland’s message of Hope. Across the scriptures, Hope has

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Taking a Stand : Joseph Frimpong 
Doers not just Hearers : Ryan Short 
Doers not just Hearers : Ryan Short
Peter The Martyr : Lew Worrad
Peter The Rock : Lew Worrad
Peter The Man : Lew Worrad
The Four Witness of Christ. : Bobby Halek
Parables Part 2 : DavidHumphreys
Parables Part 2 : DavidHumphreys
Parables Part 1 : DavidHumphreys
Who Is This? Part 2 : Jack Baker
Who Is This? : Jack Baker
Mistaken Identity : Grace & Law : Barry Kirk
Ron Hughes : Causing A Stir
Brian Gunning : Triumph Trial And Truth 2
Brian Gunning : Triumph Trial And Truth 1
Hanniel Ghezzi : Darkness for Christ
Larry Offner : Following the Call of God
Larry Offner : Moving Forward With God
David Humphreys : Experiencing Blessings
David Humphreys : Encountering God
David Humphreys : Explaining Why
David Humphreys : Enduring Testing
Nathan Griffiths : TakeHeart
Cliff Donaldson : Jesus Is Interested In You!
Steve Burnett : Is Suffering Necessary
Barry Kirk : Not Alone
 Bill Yuille : Why Did He Come Here II
Bill Yuille : Why Did He Come Here
Mike Burnett : Broken & Forfeit
Shoreacres Christmas 2020
Jim Howlett : Finding the Lost
Randy Hoffman : Whose Son?
Ron Hughes : Avoiding Deceit
Jack Baker : A Wonderful Greeting
Jack Baker : It Takes The Whole Body
Jack Baker : What Makes A Glorious Life?
Steve Burnett : Jesus Alone
Nathan Griffiths : Interruptions
Graham Kirk : Overcoming Difficulties
Larry Offner : Unity – Applaud the Differences
Larry Offner : Cup Bearer to the King of Kings
Gord Rumford : When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
Gord Ahier : Haggai
Holiness Is Not Transferrable
Mike Burnett : John 17
Unity and So Much More!
Steve Burnett : Matthew 14
What does it take to see Christ?
Gordon Rumford
John chapter 9, August 9, 2020.
Ryan Short : Elijah : Dealing with disappointment
David Humphreys : Battle Ready
David Humphreys : The Outcome of Our Lives

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