Journey With Joseph

A two part series presented by Bobby Halek

The story of Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers is found in Genesis chapter 37 of the Bible. This narrative is a significant episode in the book of Genesis and serves as the foundation for the larger story of Joseph’s life and his eventual rise to power in Egypt.

  1. Joseph’s Special Status: Joseph was the favored son of his father, Jacob (also known as Israel), because he was born to Jacob in his old age. As a symbol of his favoritism, Jacob gave Joseph a special coat of many colors.

  2. Dreams of Authority: Joseph had two dreams that he shared with his brothers. In the first dream, he and his brothers were binding sheaves in the field, and Joseph’s sheaf stood upright while his brothers’ sheaves bowed down to it. In the second dream, he saw the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowing down to him. These dreams suggested that Joseph would one day have authority over his brothers.

  3. Jealousy and Betrayal: Joseph’s brothers grew jealous and resentful of him because of his favored status and the dreams he had shared. The coat of many colors seemed to symbolize his father’s favor, further fueling their resentment. Joseph’s brothers were also tending to their father’s flocks far from home, and Jacob sent Joseph to check on them.

  4. The Plot: When Joseph approached his brothers, they saw an opportunity to get rid of him. They conspired to kill him but later decided to throw him into a pit instead, intending to leave him there to die. Reuben, the eldest brother, suggested they put Joseph in the pit with the intention of rescuing him later.

  5. Sold into Slavery: While Joseph was in the pit, a group of traders passed by on their way to Egypt. Judah, another brother, proposed that they sell Joseph to these traders instead of leaving him in the pit. So, they sold Joseph to the traders for twenty pieces of silver.

  6. Deception of the Coat: To deceive their father, the brothers dipped Joseph’s coat in goat’s blood and presented it to Jacob, making him believe that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.

  7. Jacob’s Grief: Jacob was devastated by the apparent loss of his beloved son and mourned for him in great sorrow.

This event marked the beginning of Joseph’s journey in Egypt, where he faced many trials and eventually rose to a position of power. His story is one of forgiveness, reconciliation, and God’s providence, as he later reunites with his brothers and forgives them for their betrayal. It’s a significant narrative within the book of Genesis and is often seen as a story of divine guidance and the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation.

In Part 2

Potiphar’s wife becomes infatuated with Joseph and tries to seduce him repeatedly. Each time, Joseph resists her advances, refusing to sin against God and his master. One day, when Joseph is alone in the house, Potiphar’s wife grabs his garment and demands that he lie with her. Joseph flees, leaving his garment behind, but Potiphar’s wife falsely accuses him of trying to seduce her.

Potiphar is furious and has Joseph thrown into prison, despite knowing Joseph’s innocence. Nevertheless, God continues to be with Joseph, and he finds favor with the prison warden. This chapter highlights Joseph’s unwavering integrity and faithfulness in the face of temptation and injustice.

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