Video Messages

Our Sunday Messages

Jack Baker : A Wonderful Greeting
Jack Baker : It Takes The Whole Body
Jack Baker : What Makes A Glorious Life?
Steve Burnett : Jesus Alone
Nathan Griffiths : Interruptions
Graham Kirk : Overcoming Difficulties
Larry Offner : Unity – Applaud the Differences
Larry Offner : Cup Bearer to the King of Kings
Gord Rumford : When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
Gord Ahier : Haggai
Holiness Is Not Transferrable
Mike Burnett : John 17
Unity and So Much More!
Steve Burnett : Matthew 14
What does it take to see Christ?
Gordon Rumford
John chapter 9, August 9, 2020.
Ryan Short : Elijah : Dealing with disappointment
David Humphreys : Battle Ready
David Humphreys : The Outcome of Our Lives

Our Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Our Easter and Good Friday Messages