Genesis : This Big Picture Part 1

Speaker: Lew Worrad

Genesis Chapter 1:

In Genesis 1, God is portrayed as the all-powerful, transcendent Creator of the universe. Here are some key attributes of God described in this chapter:

  1. Omnipotence: God speaks the world into existence through His word. “And God said, ‘Let there be…,’ and there was…,” illustrating His absolute power over creation.

  2. Order and Design: God creates the world in a systematic, ordered manner. He separates light from darkness, waters from land, and establishes the framework of the natural world.

  3. Immanence: Although He is transcendent, God is also intimately involved in His creation, sustaining and overseeing every aspect of it.

  4. Benevolence: God sees that His creation is good, and after creating humans, He declares it “very good.”

Genesis Chapter 2:

Genesis 2 provides a more detailed account of the creation of humanity and God’s interaction with the first man, Adam:

  1. Personal Relationship: In this chapter, God is depicted as a more personal and relational deity. He forms Adam from the dust of the earth, emphasizing His intimate involvement in creating humanity.

  2. Garden of Eden: God places Adam in the Garden of Eden, a paradise He has designed for him, and provides for his needs. This reflects God’s care and provision for His creation.

  3. Moral Authority: God gives Adam a command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, establishing His authority and moral guidelines for humanity.

In both chapters, God is depicted as the Creator of the world, involved in its design and functionality. The descriptions highlight His power, benevolence, and relationship with humanity, as well as His moral authority over His creation. These chapters are foundational to the Judeo-Christian understanding of God as the source and sustainer of the universe and the moral guide for humanity.

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