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The Call of God

The Call of God (4 part series)

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Nehemiah was faced with potentially life ending challenge. The city of Jerusalem lies in waste and God has called Nehemiah to rebuild it. That meant asking the king for a leave of absence. This 4 part series examines the call, the risks and Nehemiah’s ultimate decisions in the face of great danger. Cup Bearer of…

Job's Blessings

Job’s Blessings

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People often describe the book of Job as a book of suffering. While there is a lot we can learn from the trials and suffering that Job endured. There is a lot more in thebook Join us as David Humphreys takes us through the book of Job. From enduring testing to learning why Job was…

Shoreacres Christmas Eve Carol Sing

2019 Christmas Eve Carol Sing

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We would be thrilled if you joined us for our annual Christmas Eve Carol Sing on the front lawn. Everyone is welcome. Enjoy some hot cider as we sing a few classic Christmas carols around the fire. Make it a yearly tradition for your family to join ours!

Looking For Real Peace?

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What is the most sought-after, and yet the most elusive possession in the world? You may have your own answer to this question, but one thing that we all long for is peace. Peace between nations, peace in the home, peace in the schools, and most of all, peace in our own hearts, knowing that…