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Facing the Elephant : Without Getting Trampled, Men’s Conference


All kinds of people have issues which should be addressed, but they don’t want to be forced into accepting an unacceptable “solution.”

“Facing the Elephant: Without getting trampled” is a weekend workshop for men that offers practical tools for engaging in tough conversations.

 Some of the questions we’ll answer are:

  • Is conflict resolution more than one person forcing his/her will on someone else?
  • Why do some people have such crazy exaggerated reactions when I bring up an issue?
  • How can I ensure a fair interaction that really gets to a solution?
  • Is there any hope when I’m totally at odds in every way with the other person?
  • How can I find the kind of “third path” responses that Jesus often used?
  • Do my human relationships really matter to God?

There will be breakfast and a hot lunch on Saturday.

Pre-registration will enter you into the draw for door prizes!*

We would love to see you here!

Men’s Conference

Shoreacres Bible Chapel

February 28th – 29th / 2020

Speaker Ron Hughes

Music led by Greg Penny

Cost: $20 (payable at the door)

Sign in & Meet & Greet : Friday 6-7pm

Breakfast Saturday : 8-9am




* Terms : Must be present at the the conference to win. One entry per person. 


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