Job's Blessings

People often describe the book of Job as a book of suffering. While there is a lot we can learn from the trials and suffering that Job endured. There is a lot more in thebook

Join us as David Humphreys takes us through the book of Job. From enduring testing to learning why Job was tested then into Job’s encounter with God and finally learning how Job was ultimately blessed by God with far more than material wealth.

Enduring Testing: This message is about enduring testing covering the first two chapters of Job. 

Explaining Why : Why do good things happen to bad people and why to good things happen to bad people?

Encountering God : After grappling with the question Why? We can now encounter God. A lesson in understanding who God is and how He relates to us.

Experiencing Blessing : David takes us through the last chapter of Job where we see how the Gospel is anticipated in Job, our need for a Heavenly Advocate, Job’s Blessings (With a bonus lesson in Friendship),our blessings (with a bonus lesson in Stewardship) and how the entire story of Humanity is reflected in Job.